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Current Tax Breaks for Homeowners

There are many benefits to owning a home, not the least of which are the financial advantages of home ownership. Homeowners can gain a number of tax benefits, and, combined with the Fed's indication to keep interest rates attractively low throughout the new year, home buying in 2012 is promising to be a financially astute plan. Consult with your accountant about which of the following perks you might enjoy... Read More
Mortgage Rates Remain Low

According to the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey, average fixed mortgage rates have held steady in recent weeks. For five weeks in a row, average rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages haven't increased over the 4 percent mark. At the same time last year, the average rate on 30-year FRMs averaged 4.46. While the 15-year FRMs held steady at an average of 3.3 percent from the week before, rates are down an average of 0.51 percent from the same... Read More
Diversity in Design: Mix, Don't Match, Wood Textures and Colors
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Still worrying about what goes with what when you're decorating? Design style leaders nix the matching—"too boring"—in favor of mixing colors, wood grains, stains and textures throughout a room. "Consumers think everything has to match, but the pros mix," says Laura Dalzell, owner and president of Cabinets & Designs, Inc. in Lexington, Kenn. She's a firm believer in combining, —for example painted wood cabinets with cabinets in both natural wood tones... Read More
What to Ask Before Buying at a Foreclosure Auction

Although foreclosed properties can be good deals, the process of buying is rife with pitfalls. Here is what you must know:

1. Have you done your research?
A foreclosed property may have all sorts of clouds on its title, from multiple bank loans to tax and contractor's liens. Once you buy, you're responsible for all such balances. Be especially wary of the situation where one bank forecloses, but another still demands to be paid.

2. How far has the process gone?
If the foreclosure hasn't happened yet, it's often possible to contact the owners and arrange a pre-foreclosure sale, which can benefit both parties... Read More
Great Decor is in the Details

Sometimes the grandest design changes are in the small details—a re-covered lampshade, painted knobs for old cabinetry, a new valence above a window. Plus, small changes are manageable because they don't cause household upheaval. Transform your home decor style by paying attention to little design details.

Replace dated hardware
for a shiny new look.

Simply replacing wooden doorknobs, for instance, with gorgeous crystal knobs can add dramatic vintage appeal to bedrooms or closets. Switch nondescript drawer pulls with something sleekly modern or decidedly retro for a new look. You can find vintage hardware online; or buy stylish reproductions of old... Read More
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