House and Home January 2017
Home-Buying Trends for 2017

Every year the real estate market reveals its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. The market and economy are two major reasons why trends change. In 2017, we expect three major home-buying trends to dominate.

1. First-Time Buyers Out in Force

According to a trends survey, it's estimated that just over half (52 percent) of all buyers in 2017 will be first-time home buyers, compared with just 33 percent in 2016... Read More
Five Significant Myths about
Electricity Usage

Many theories have emerged on how to save on energy use, some of which are misleading myths that directly lead to larger utility bills. Here are five myths about electricity usage:

1. Devices That Are Turned Off Don't Use Any Electricity Surprisingly, most devices continue to steadily drain the power supply even when they are shut off. While the energy use isn't huge, TVs, air conditioners, video game consoles... Read More
House Hunting with Your Spouse? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

When you and your spouse are house hunting for a new home, it can be an exciting endeavor. But it also can lead to trouble if you don't enter the process together with open eyes. Couples might have a vague idea of what they want in a home, but these ideas should be discussed and narrowed further down together. Here are three common issues that couples could run into while house hunting and how to steer clear of them... Read More
Two Reasons Most New Year's Resolutions Fail

Every year, nearly half (45 percent) of the United States population uses New Year's as an opportunity to reflect on shortcomings, hopes for the future, and the relationship between the two. The top New Year's resolutions include (not surprisingly) losing weight, getting organized, spending less/saving more, enjoying life to the fullest, falling in love, and being healthy. However, there are a couple problems with these resolutions that could ultimately have negative repercussions for the resolver.

The Goal Is Not Measurable
In order to determine if a goal is achieved, the goal has to have a measurable end point. Simply vowing to lose weight, spend less, or be healthier... Read More
Prevent Water Damage and Cut Insurance Costs

Water damage is one of the largest sources of insurance claims, so making a proactive effort to monitor leaks and minimize the possibility of water damage can help reduce your home insurance premiums. Plumbing-related water damage accounts for 22 percent of homeowner claims filed each year and accounts for 25 percent of the claim dollars that insurance companies pay out. This is second to damage caused by acts of nature.

How Can You Monitor Leaks?
An automatic water shut-off system can identify leaks before they lead to major water damage. These systems act as a circuit breaker for home... Read More
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