House and Home August 2017
Increase Your Home's Appeal with These Five Easy Summer Projects

Home maintenance can be expensive, forcing homeowners to put off bigger tasks for as long as possible. However, there are several projects homeowners can do that will give their home a fresh look without straining the household budget. Here are a few budget friendly upgrades:

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint
Are your rooms the same color as when you bought your home? Then it's time for a change. Price out paint, rollers, brushes, tape, and other supplies... Read More
Three Reasons Now Is a Great Time to List Your Home for Sale

Housing market conditions are challenging for buyers in many parts of the country; sellers, meanwhile, are finding the market favorable. Inventory levels are low and sales prices are high. In some markets, multiple offers have become prevalent. And in a blow to first-time buyers everywhere, fewer affordable homes are coming onto the market. Despite all this, existing-home sales climbed in the month of May; every region except the Midwest posted month-over-month and year-over-year... Read More
Landscaping Mistakes that Decrease a Home's Resale Value

A home's resale value is not just about the house itself, but also takes into consideration the property. Your property's landscaping or lack thereof can increase or diminish your home's value. Here are the top five landscaping mistakes:

1. No Landscaping
If a for-sale home lacks landscaping, a credit or allowance is typically given to the buyer... Read More
Stay Cool and Be Energy Efficient

Energy use peaks during the year's hottest months. Americans spend billions of dollars annually just to cool down their homes. If you would like to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, consider the eco-friendly ideas below.

Keep Cool with Fans
Position a portable fan across from a window to create a cross breeze. Not all fans are created equal, however; so be mindful of how much energy each model uses if you are in the market for a new fan. Some ceiling fans use ten watts while others use up to 100 watts. A window fan can use as many as 200 watts. For a more portable option, there are standing "blade-less" fans that use as little as one watt of power... Read More
Six Must-Know Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends

Many homeowners wonder how they can turn their bathrooms or kitchens into something worthy of making the rounds on Pinterest or Instagram. Because more people want to give their home a personal and stylish touch, home decorating and interior design is hotter than ever, and the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

The only problem is that making a decision can be overwhelming. If you've ever tried to pick what shade of blue or tint of gray to paint a wall, you know that sometimes there are too many choices.

With over 140 years of designing kitchen and bathroom products, Kohler Kitchen & Bath tapped into a large brain trust of designers and product... Read More
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