House and Home December 2021
With Housing Demand Strong, Itís a Good Time to Sell

After a slow month, existing-home sales climbed again in September, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Every sales region in the country reported month-over-month sales increases. When comparing year-over-year figures, however, one region remained unchanged, while three others saw a drop in sales.

More Listings Are Needed
The improvement in Septemberís sales was likely due to a slight increase in the housing supply... Read More
Four Popular Trends in Kitchen Cabinets

Changing your cabinetry can transform the look and style of your kitchen. New or repainted cabinets will quickly update your space and bring you the joy of expressing yourself in decor. Here are four popular trends in kitchen cabinets that will have your space looking amazing.

Open Shelving
This practical trend can give the kitchen an airy, open feel, making it ideal for smaller kitchens... Read More
Try These Tips to Help You Through the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, itís common for many people to be overwhelmed by stress. If this time of year is more likely to get you down, youíre a good candidate for these stress-relieving holiday tips.

Realistic Expectations
Sometimes the most difficult expectations to overcome are your own. If youíre caught up in creating the perfect holiday... Read More
Homebuyers, Get Started by Creating Your Dream-Home Wish List

Shopping for a new home can be so overwhelming that it can be difficult to know where to start. Itís essential to have a great real estate agent and apply for a loan preapproval, but before you jump into looking at homes online, itís also important to know what the must-haves are in your next home. Get started by creating your dream-home wish list.

Know What You Canít Live Without
Get out some paper and a pencil and jot down everything you want in a home. If you have a partner, you should each have your own list.

When you have completed your home purchase wish list, take a... Read More
Here's How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams and Identity Theft

Phishing remains one of the most significant cyber threats and hits everyone from individuals to Google and Facebook. Itís common because itís lucrative; in 2020, it cost individuals and businesses about $4.2 billion. Most phishing attacks are aimed at massive numbers of emails with the hope of catching a few, but a variant, spear phishing, targets specific companies.

So, how can you not get phished?

Donít Click On Links in Unsolicited Emails
Emails that claim to come from your bank, PayPal, or another... Read More
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