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Don't Overlook These Essential Home-Staging Tips
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Tiny Touches in the Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, so donít forget these details when preparing to show your house:

  • Swap out old, stained dishcloths for a fresh set of pretty kitchen linens.

  • Replace any light switch plates and outlet covers that are stained or cracked; they should all match and look like new.

  • Empty and clean the trash cans inside and outónot just wiped, but scrubbed.

A Better Bathroom
Nothing will put off a buyer faster than a grossness factor in the bathroom.

  • Replace an old toilet seat with a new one, unless it looks like it just came out of the wrapper.

  • Apply frosted film to windows that need privacy. It can hide a bad view and also allows natural light to brighten the bathroom, making the room look larger.

No Lingering Odors
Mildew, smoke, and pet smells are a big no-no. Eliminate odors completely before applying a home fragrance. Some artificial scents cause allergic reactions, so only use a natural scent, like cinnamon sticks.

  • Take a whiff of the drains. If the sink drains have a funky odor, use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean them and loosen potential clogs.

  • Steam-clean carpets and draperies to remove any odors.

  • Animals are off-putting to some buyers, so board pets in a kennel or with a friend until your home sells. Vacuum pet hair off the furniture, and check to make sure there arenít any unpleasant surprises left in the yard.

Lux Bedrooms and Closets
These rooms should look like a spa or hotel with no personal items on display.

  • The master bedroom duvet and pillow set and other decor should be gender neutralóno fluffy pink pillows or decor that is overly masculine.

  • In closets, a beautiful set of wooden hangers is ideal. At the very least, make sure the hangers match. Get rid of the cheap, bent metal hangers youíve collected from the dry cleaner.

  • Remove game consoles, televisions, and other electronics from sleeping areas.

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